๐Ÿช™Coins, Prize Fund and Commission Platform


Metarchy is played on the decentralized platform.

For betting, players use the coin platform, which eliminates fraud Inside the platform, coins are traded to other platform tokens, but nothing prevents platform users from trading coins on marketplaces outside the platform.

To play on bets, each side (player or team) must drop an equal number of coins into the prize pool (send to the smart contract)

Coins in the prize pool are "frozen" for the duration of the game, and "unfreeze" after the game is over as soon as the winner is known

After the defrost, 99.5% of the prize pool is sent to the winner of the game, while 0.5% of the prize fund is sent to support the platform, and distributed to the Community Pool (0.1%), Validators Pool (0.2%) and Unconditional Income (0.2%)

Coins are used not only as bets but also as a unit of measurement of "voice power" on proposals that concern: choosing sponsors of championships (advertisers' choice) and adding new games to the platform

Coins are also used to create tasks for other platform users, to create useful-nft, and to ensure the functioning of the NFT auction and NFT-lombard

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