๐Ÿ™ŒSolution on RSP-tokens


All conflicts and disputes in the game are resolved with RSP-tokens

In the event of a controversial situation between players that is not described in the rules of the game, or that can be interpreted in two, there is a conflict between the players

Conflict can occur between players and actors

Any conflict is solved by "stone, scissors, paper"

Each player involved in a conflict chooses one of three options: stone, scissors, or paper. None of the players know what choices the other players made

After all the players who are involved in the conflict have made their choice, their choice is revealed and compared among themselves

If two players are involved in a conflict, then there may be three different outcomes

In the event of a conflict involving three or more participants, the outcome of the draw will always be when the stone, scissors and paper meet in any proportion. Even if in a conflict 6 participants, 3 of whom chose stone, 2 - chose paper, and 1 participant chose scissors, the outcome of such a conflict - draw. Conflict will continue until all participants choose only the stone and scissors, or only the scissors and paper, or only the stone and paper. In this case, losers are eliminated, and winners continue to resolve conflicts between fewer participants. And so until one of the contestants defeats all the others

In case of resolution of the conflict between 6 participants, if five showed paper and one participant showed scissors, 5 participants with paper lose to 1 participant with scissors. The number of people choosing the same option does not affect the outcome of the conflict. Only the ratio of options is considered

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